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My Happiness is all that matters to me.

My Parents Happiness is all that matters to me.

People With Focus Eliminate Fear.

Small Circle. Private Life. Peaceful Mind.

Most Hardest Question - Describe Yourself.

Expect Nothing and Appreciate Everything.

If You Stop Dreaming You Stop Winning.

Always Keep Your Mind Running For Something Big.

Failure With Betterment is Failing Forward.

Hard Times Gives You Great Capabilities

Work On Yourself like you wanna be a MasterPiece.

Be An Art Everyone Wanna Stare At.

Be Free & Real and also be with one who makes you feel the same.

A Smile can flip any situation.

Never forget to smile

Be The Change.

Let the brightness of your success burn their eyes.

Self love is your best foot forward.

Don't let the good vibes die.

Inner beauty attracts the worthy soul.

Attachment + Caring + Intimacy = Perfect Love

Feeling and Expressing all the emotions via text message.

Learn How To Be your Own Biggest Fan

Some days are harder than others. Just don't forget to Live.

Darkness will always exist. I hope I'll be brave enough to not let it stop me.

Moon inspires me to embrace the darkness of my life.

I Bookmarked myself in my heart.

Change and update the version of your heart and delete the negativity from it.

For me, I'm Perfect.

Stop trying to find a right person. Be a right person.

Make yourself a little more precious everyday.

Your opinion doesn't pay my bill.

Everybody lies, no expectations.

No more fake friends please.

Me and my two besties are like there marketeer.

My Mood Changes in 0.0005 seconds.

You hate me? But who are you?

I Don't have time for ediots

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally. I'm Tired.

I'm So Tired of People.

Damn, I'm so beautiful, I'd Wife me.

I don't have enough energy to pretend that I Like You.

Make them wish they had you.

Rule Number One: Never be Number Two.

Better single than taken for granted.

Learn to enjoy your own company.

Food Makes me happy more than anything

Bad vibes, get off me.

Find people who're as insane as you.

It's okay to not be okay.

What happened to your forever?

Don't come back when you realize I'm Rare.

I really don't need you. I have my squad.

If anyone can have it, I Don't want it.

I'm not a second fucking choice bitch

If you get a different me, that means I saw the real you.

Self love is important.

No reason to stay is a good reason to go.

I'm bored, please take me with you.

I love the 'me' time a lot.

Enjoy every moment of your life.

Sanitize your character along with your hands.

I can be mad and good at the same time.

Sorry If I look interested, I'm not.

Smile. It confuses your enemies

Protecting myself from EX is a different type of battle.

Bad girls have more fun.

Everything is Temporary.

We aren't weird. We're just different.

Don't hate me, because I'm Pretty.

My Squad have Criminal Minds.

Caring people scares me now.

I'm not sad like everytime.

Anything is possible when you've inner peace.

I'm lost in a world that doesn't exist.

I didn't change, I found myself.

Please Mind Your Own Business.

Focus on your own shit.

I'm just angry with myself for believing in everything.

I'm sick of double faced people.

I am angry, make me feel better..

The path of inner peace begins with " not my fucking problem".

Emotions are shit.

I distanced myself, to save myself.

My circle got quality, not quantity!.

Mood: total bitch.

I need money, not boys.

Ignoring is a classy revenge.

Give your haters another reason to hate.

Sometimes you gotta pretend everything is okay.

You and I what a beautiful disaster.

I break my own heart by caring too much.

I hate maths.

Too much swag to handle.

Your late replies make me sad.

Not everyone who is smiling is happy.

Sleep isn't sleep anymore it's an escape.

even if you are not mine I still love you.

don't care what others say about you.

Let's fall in some adorable toxic relationship.

On my way to steal your heart.

Beauty lies in your heart.

I hate attachments.

Waiting for the world to get better.

I do a video call and keep looking myself.

Your opinions doesn't matter bitch.

I have a devil mind with an angel heart.

It makes me suspicious when someone shows interest in me.

I want to be nice,but everyone annoys me.

You can hate me,but can't ignore me.

I'm in love with my depression.

Please Stay Safe.

Please Stay Away.

Angle Face,Devil Words.

Sunshine Mixed With Little Hurricane.

Don't study me, you won't graduate.

Be Savage,Not Average.

Princess?No bitch.I'M QUEEN.

Life is boring without me.

I'm that bitch that everyone hates.

I am not the morning person.

Don't angry me.

Care Less and Be Happy.

Coffee and Old Diary is one of my perfect combination for spending my sleepless nights.

Don't let your imperfections kill your inner shine.

Beauty of moon never fades even if it's dark in the sky.

Learn to admire your flaws and start wearing them as your crown.

Be cute enough to understand the importance of inner beauty.

Shine like you own the sky, Stay like you're the child of moon.

The moon doesn't ask people to light up its life, It shines on it's own.

Be so savage that you take their judgements on you as your appreciation.

Be The Best Version Of You.

Offline is a new peace of mind.

Confidence is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear.

Believe in now, Forever is a lie.

Shine brighter even in your dark days.

Turn your weakness into an advantage.

Confidence is not an accessory It's necessity.

Be more in love with yourself literally nothing else matters.

Be a voice.Not an echo.

Choose to shine.

Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.

Whatever makes your soul happy, do that!

You are the builder of your future.

The biggest asset in the world is your mindset. BE POSITIVE.

Only self love can bring mental peace.

You only live once, but If you do it right, once is enough.

Trust the vibes you get. Energy never lies.

People talk about me behind my back.....and I just set here like"damn, I got myself a fan club".

I love the 3:00 am version of people.