Top 7 Snapdragon 888 Phones

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Hello Everyone, we are back with the Latest Post and today we are going to tell you about the Top 7 Snapdragon 888 SmartPhones. This category will include the best Snapdragon 888 SmartPhone with there respective prices. However, Prices may change during online sales. Therefore, please confirm the prices by checking it on any shopping app. Moreover, we have created images for helping you understand the most relevant features of these smartPhones. Apart from the processor these mobile phones are the best for Gaming. You can easily Play PUBG or BGMI on these smartphones. So you can say these are the top 7 smartphones for playing PUBG Mobile. Now scroll the category and find the best and In-Budget 888 Snapdragon Smartphone for you.

Top 7 Snapdragon 888 Smartphones

1. RealMe GT - ₹37,999
2. IQOO 7 Legend - ₹39,990
3. Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro - ₹39,999
4. OnePlus 9 - ₹49,999
5. OnePlus 9 Pro - ₹64,999
6. Vivo X60 Pro Plus - ₹69,990
7. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra - ₹69,999

7 Best SmartPhones For Playing PUBG Or BGMI

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