Happy birthday, sister! Honestly, with you, I don't know where to begin. From being the best sister to being a best friend to being the best mentor I admire and value every role you play in my life. On your special day, I wish you endless love and lots of good health. sister!

Happy Happy birthday to my darling sister! Love you so much, Thank you for always being there and loving me unconditionally! You are the best. Keep shining bright and looking as beautiful as always! You are a diamond with a beautiful soul !!! Lots of love...from your crazy little bro.

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister! Have an awesome day!! May this year bring you nothing but positivity, love, adventure, beautiful memories, joy, and happiness!! You are a great person, a great mother, and a great daughter and sister! Love you so much!

Happy birthday to one of the best, kindhearted, genuine, loving, compassionate, loyal people I know! The one with the Golden heart! Love you, my lovely sister.

Happy birthday to my dearest sister! You are one of the Most Gentle, Caring souls I have come across. You always show me so much love and I always looked up to you! Your presence lit up any room you walk into, you always made me laugh with your witty humor.

Happy birthday my beautiful sister! Thanks for all the happy and crazy times we have had together!! Here's to many more...happy birthday once again! Love you!

Happy birthday to my darling sister! Have an awesome day!! May this year bring you nothing but success, wealth, great experience, love, joy, and happiness!! You are a great person, a wonderful mother, and a great daughter and sister! Love you so much, thanks for being the best sister and always being there for me.

Happy birthday my precious sister! I have so much to say and then words I feel don't do justice. You are honestly like my second mother. I'm so glad to have you in my life. You are one of the nicest people I think I've ever known. On this day I wish you so much happiness, peace, love, and blessing.

Happy birthday to my sister! You are Genuine, Compassionate, Loving, Humble, Caring and so loyal. You listen like a Friend when I talk. Not only that, but you give me advice like a mentor when I need clarity and understanding. Thank you for being you love you beyond words! Happy birthday once again!

Happy birthday, sister! You have been one of the biggest supporters of my happiness and achievements. You are my support system in my good and tough times. You have been a pillar for me in my life since the day I was born. Words can't express how much I love you. To all the Great times we have had, to All the serious discussions about life I raised a toast to you on your birthday and hope this year is the best yet!

Happy happy birthday to you my sister! You are truly what you call one of a kind! You are loving, honest, nonjudgemental, kind, compassionate, and a friend for life to all that meet you!! I love you beyond words and you know that! I wish you so much happiness and joy always you gorgeous beautiful soul!

Happy birthday my lovely sister! Lots of love always for not only being my mentor but also my most supportive sister and showing so much love to me. You are the funniest most Genuine person out there, you have a heart of gold so loving and warm. Love you!

Happy birthday, sister! You are not only my sister but also my most loyal best friend. You are remarkable, and I admire and look up to you. If the world had more people like you, I think it would be a much happier, funnier, loving, calmer place. Love you more than words can explain and more than you will ever understand!

Happy birthday to my dearest sister! Have a lovely birthday! Thank you for being such an awesome sister, and thank you for all the laughs! I pray this birthday gives you so much joy and happiness and all your dreams and wishes come true!

Happy birthday my dearest sister! Have a lovely birthday, and I am so happy we are celebrating it together! I pray you get all you want and so much more on your special day! Here's to more laughs and fun times together!

Happy birthday, sister! Wishing you an amazing birthday, and so much happiness and joy. You are a beautiful person with so much love to give. You inspire, care, love and you are so loyal to the ones closest to you! Can't wait to create more incredible memories with you! Big hug! Love you!

Happy birthday to my sister! Have an awesome day! You are an incredible sister, mother, and daughter, and I love you so much. Thank you for everything you do for me and much more. Miss all our mad outings and laughs. Big hugs looking forward to celebrating with you today!

It's time to bring on your birthday you beautiful gorgeous one, and I just want to wish you my dearest, the most loving sister the best birthday ever! I have too many things to say about you, but you know how much I love you. Have a fabulous birthday.

Happy birthday my beautiful sister! My constant! From our endless laughing sessions to being there for each other in our tough times. You are truly one of my closest people and I love you dearly. Have a fabulous year ahead.

Happy birthday to my dearest sister! I'm grateful for all the blessings, care, and love you have showered upon me through the years. Hearing your voice this morning like always brings so much happiness to my heart. I love you with all my heart.

Happy birthday, sister! You are an angel that has not only stood by me in my toughest times but has been with me in my happiest. You are like a pillar of strength and support to me. Thank you is a very small word to tell you what I feel about you. I will always be with you now and forever.

Happy birthday my lovely sister! Over the years we may have had arguments, debates, and clashes, but however, that’s simply what sisters do. We’ve also had emotional conversations and beautiful memorable moments. I’m glad I actually have such an amazing partner in crime who keeps my life interesting and not boring.

Happy birthday my precious sister! Without you, my childhood would have been so boring. Thanks for sharing everything with me and for all the beautiful adventures we’ve been on, and I can’t wait to create many more fun times....starting with celebrating your special day!

Happy birthday to my dear big sister! Because of you, my childhood memories are filled with beautiful experiences. We have shared so many beautiful amazing moments of our life. We have smiled together in good times and cried together in bad times. I love you. Thanks for everything

Happy birthday my dear sister! I know you have gone through so many difficult times, but you never quit. You are my role model and the toughest woman in this entire world. You have such a positive vibe that you make everyone happy around you. Wishing you a fabulous birthday.

Happy birthday to the world's coolest sister! Growing up with you is one of the best things that happened in my life. You are the only one who knows me inside and out. You are and always will be my first and last best friend. Wishing you an incredible birthday just like you.

Happy birthday, sister! You are the most valuable precious gift given to me by lord. I am so lucky to have you as my dearest sister and my best friend. For me, you are more precious than anything in this world. I love you a lot. I'm grateful to you for every small and big thing.

Happy birthday my darling sister! I am truly grateful to you for all the times you fight for me when we were kids and encourage me as an adult. I could not ask for a better protector in life than you. Having a sister like you is the biggest blessing one can have.

Happy birthday to my partner in crime! you always know how to make me think positively in hard times. It always cheers me to know that there is somebody who is crazier than me out there in the universe! I was just joking, we’re most likely equally crazy. Once again Happy birthday sister, from one psychopath to another!

Happy birthday, dear sister! You are beautiful, precious, loved, valuable, elegant, classy, and the most stylish sister ever.

Happy birthday, sister! Your birthday is my special day too because, on this day, I got my best friend in you. You are my special gift. On this special day, I want to thank lord for giving me an amazing sister like you.

Happy birthday to you my little sister! No matter how old you become, you will always remain my lovely little sister. Dear sister, because of you my childhood was full of beautiful moments and adventures. May your brightest smile never fade away.

Happy birthday, sister! Thank you for your unconditional support, strength, love, and guidance. For me, you are my amazing sister, mother, teacher, father, brother, best friend, and lover all in one. You have played every role of yours perfectly. I am glad to have a precious sister like you in my life.

Happy birthday my beloved sister! I’m so happy we were born into the same family. You are the best sister in the world and a loyal best friend in one. On your birthday, I pray you to enjoy your life with a big bright smile on your face.

Happy birthday to the world's best sister! For a sister as amazing and beautiful as you, I wish you a fabulous birthday and many beautiful memories to cherish. Take lots of pictures, party hard, and enjoy your day.

Today I am fortunate enough to witness my dear little sister turn another year older! Right from the beginning of your childhood you always had my back, and it’s so wonderful to know that even as you become older nothing has changed in the least. I am so blessed to have such an incredible little sister. I’ll always try to protect you. Happy birthday my beautiful little sister!

Happy birthday beautiful sister! No matter where we are in the world, we'll always be each other's home. Stay kind and free, don't be afraid to take risks, and surround yourself with bold, energetic minds. May every day be exciting and fun until your next birthday. Have fun. love you.

Despite the fact that I do not at all likes dividing my things with you. But I have been happy sharing our childhood and love for each other. It was (and still is!) Such a great experience to grow up with a crazy and fun girl like you. I treasure all our lovely and cute childhood memories. For me, you will forever be that childish little sister. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a very happy birthday dearest sister! May you always shine bright like a diamond and make up proud. Love you.

Happy birthday, sister! I love you so much. I really wanted you to be my brother and you came, I am glad you are born, I'm so lucky. We never had a quarrel with you or got angry with you, maybe because of the age difference, but I think it's because of your beautiful heart and pure soul.

Happy birthday to my dearest sister! Thank you for being my amazing sister and taking care of me as a little baby and supporting me in all ups and downs. It is a wonderful journey to grow up with a crazy and fun girl like you.

Wish you many returns of the day my lovely sister! Cheers to all the beautiful times that we have had together. You are a great friend, a great listener, and a great human being. I love you.

Happy birthday my little sister! You've become a big girl, seen like yesterday was the moment I received the news of your birth. Our characters are so different, our tastes are so different, sometimes we argue and fight but what we have in common is clear and clear, that is how much we love and care for each other. So glad to have you.

Happy birthday, sister! I am thankful to Allah for blessing me with a big sister like you: caring, sensitive, supportive, encouraging, and loving. Thanks for all the years in school where you helped me in my education. Have a great year ahead!

Happy birthday, sister! I will always be there for you, and I'll always continue to be until the end of the time. You are such a precious soul. I always see a mom in you, even you are the smallest one in the family with the biggest heart. I will do anything for your happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my beautiful girl that I get to call my sister! I must say the 's are pretty great so enjoy. Can't wait to celebrate.

I remember you were chubby with cute curls. You were such a nice sweet baby. Now you are so grown up, so wise, the most beautiful, my lovely sister. I wish you love, prosperity, light, warmth, happiness and so many unforgettable moments in your long life full of joy. Take risks, open up, love, and cherish every moment. Be truly happy, well, and I will always be there for you. Happy birthday dear sister!

Happy birthday to you my dear sister! May you always shine the brightest and always remain happy, and positive. I have only and only good wishes for you in my heart, and I am just so glad to have met a kind soul like you. Thank you for existing.

Happy birthday, sister! I am the overly proud sister who can't tell the world, how grateful I am to have you. Wishing many more years of blowing candles and happiness. Sisters celebrating birthdays together is always more fun. So happy I got your birthday to celebrate together this year.

Wishing you a very happiest birthday dear sister! May all your dreams come true. Keep smiling, stay happy, and be healthy. You have always helped me and supported me. I love you with all my heart and I wish you best in the life. Have a joyful and unforgettable day, full of everything that you love the most.

Happy birthday, sister! Thank you for being my partner in childhood crimes. I am proud of many things in my life, but my greatest pride is having a sister like you. No one in the world has a sister like I do. For your birthday, I wish you to achieve what you want and keep what you love.

Happy birthday, sister! I may hate you, fight with you, taunt you, pinch you, scold you, or trouble you. But at the bottom of my heart, I will always love you. Enjoy your day.

I am such a big fan of my mom and dad's work. They made me my best friend, and I am honored to call her my sister, and partner in crime these years. Happy birthday, sister!

Happy birthday my little sister, the smallest one who brought us enormous happiness to the family, have a great time. I love you to infinity and beyond. I wish you have a good time on your special day.

Happy birthday, sister, partner, protector, and older advisor in all childhood crimes. Thanks for being with me always. I may have been rude to you at times or have shown you my anger but all that was just because I love you a lot and I do care for you.

Happy birthday, my sweet sister! You have always been very supportive and kind to me as I always find you beside me whenever I have a problem. May all your heart desires come true in a beautiful way, on this birthday, and may you be blessed with love, health, joy, and happiness.

Happy birthday, boss baby! Phenomenal is one of the few words to describe my sister! The firework that's what she is! Though younger but behaves as if she is more mature than me... Blossing me around and guiding my path since she was born.

Happy birthday, sister! I still remember the fights we had and will continue to have! From watching series to sharing snacks, life would have been boring and less happening without you.

Happy birthday, sister! Thank you for being the best big sis a girl could ask for. I got to share so many special memories with you this year and can't wait for more to come. You truly are an incredible person inside and out.

Happy birthday, sweet sister! Today you're granted one more opportunity to blow out candles, I am sure you are thankful because it means one more year of joy and greater opportunities for you. Make every day of your life count and live every moment of your life to the fullest.

Happy birthday to my sister! I have always been so blessed to call my sister my best friend. She is down for any adventure with me, even if it requires her to go way outside her comfort zone. She has a huge heart and goes above and beyond for the people she loves.

Happy birthday to my favorite sister! She has always been my biggest cheerleader and manages to see things in me that I do not. I love watching you grow up and grow into a badass woman. I love you.

Happy birthday to my sister! There is no better sister than you. Of course, you're the only sister I've ever had so, I wouldn't know the difference. Actually, I know you're the best.

Happiest birthday to my crazy sister! Wish you the best in life and more years to celebrate. May you get all the beautiful things on your special say. Eat lots of chocolates and cakes. Stay blessed my dear sister. I love you more than water on earth.

Happy birthday, my lovely sister! Sometimes we fight with each other but I love you sister. We are sisters, and we are as opposite as day and night, but nevertheless you are the best sister I can ever ask for. You are my perfect sister.

Happy birthday, sister! Words can't describe how happy I am to be next to you on your birthday. It's been years apart but this year is so special for me and you. Thanks for everything. Warm hugs and best wishes to my sister who grows wiser everyday

Happy birthday, sister! No one can hug you like a sister can. Thank you for all the hugs. May today be a great day, may the love that unites us by family ties, unite us always.

Happy birthday, sister! For a long time you was just a little darling baby. But now time has turned you into a reliable friend and also a teacher. You teach me to be softer, flexible and more tolerant, which is a priceless experience. You imitate me in some ways, but you retain your unique identity. I love you.

Happy birthday my little sister. You are so grown up now. I am proud of you and I love you madly. You will always be my little birdie. And it's not about age at all. It's all about upbringing and the relationship in the family. You are my best friend, the best gift my parents gave me.

Happy birthday, sis! One of the best things in my life is having you as my sister. The most gorgeously, annoying, beautiful, crazy, secret keeper, and my friend more than a sister. I love you.

The best and most expensive gift my mom and dad have ever given me is you. Happy birthday to the princess of our family, my lovely sister!

Happy birthday, my dear sister! There's nothing like a sister. She's the one you can always count on when no one else is there. She'll show up even when you don't expect her. My life would not be the same without you, and I'm so grateful to have you.